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For employees who wish to change their career path for having more salary, it might be difficult for you to do so if you do not equip yourself by developing skills. HelloToby has thus chosen some skill development courses for you to survive in the fierce job market competition!

1.  Digital Marketing

In recent years, more and more companies wish to promote themselves through the internet and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. The digital marketing industry has thus become one of the most popular industries. The demand for the digital marketing industry has increased drastically that the monthly salary for digital marketing officers and managers can reach $20000 and $35000 respectively.

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If you wish to focus your career development on digital marketing, you should at least learn some basic digital marketing knowledge first. Some job training institutes which provides job training and off the job training, such as Institute of Advanced Learning and HKU SPACE, have provided related courses. They cost $19800 and $13400 respectively.

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2. Foreign Languages

Thanks to the trend of globalization, people who know different languages are definitely more competitive in the job market. You can choose the language to study based on your interests and working needs.

If you need to interact with mainland customers, you are advised to take Mandarin courses. The entry Mandarin classes cost $55 to 75 for each lesson. If you want to learn specific Mandarin courses, such as those especially teaching business and financial Mandarin, will cost higher owing to longer learning hours. The financial Mandarin course organized by HKU SPACE costs $4600 for 80 hours.

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If you are working in multi-international firms which requires you to interact with foreigners, learning EU major languages like German and French will give you an edge in your career growth. The German and French classes organized by different organizations can cost differently. The German and French courses organized by CUSCS charge $3000 for the classes of 45 hours in total. Some organizations’ French class charges $2000 for classes of 9 hours only.

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3. Information Technology

The well-known ManpowerGroup released the “Job Prospect Report” in the first quarter of 2017 that the most wanted professionals are IT officers who can work in finance, mobile technology, e-commerce, data analysis and internet security fields. The salary can increase by 5% to 8% if the IT officer is promoted to a higher position in the company. For the IT officer specialized in finance and internet security can even have 20% more of their own salary after changing the job.

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Even though you might not wish to develop your career in IT fields, you can still benefit from learning IT job skills to increase your edge in the job market. If you wish to learn general IT knowledge, you can consider taking “Information Technology Professional Certificate” organized by BUCIE, it costs you $15620 for 150 hours of lessons. The CUSCS organized the courses based on different aspects, including data analysis, the use of Excel and system operation. The course which last for 15 hours in total will cost $1000 to $1500.

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4. App Development

Along with the rising popularity of smartphone, the App on mobile phones has also become more and more common. The demand for App developer rises drastically that even Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, once said, “Don’t just play on your phone, program it!”. To follow the trend, you can go learn the app development and app programming courses!

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Of course, having the basic understanding of IT knowledge can give you an edge. Still, many organizations have launched App programming courses for both IT savvy and amateurs. The “Android Apps development and programming introductory course” only costs $600 for 9 hours!

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5. Property Management

Apart from the IT business, the property management experts are also desperately needed. According to a research done by the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies in late 2016, 2000 experts will be needed in 2025 if the number of housing will be built in accordance with the goal stated in the Long Term Housing Strategy. Among the 2000 experts, 25% of them will be registered professional property managers while more than 60% of them will be the holders of licensed property managers.

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If you wish to be assistant property managers or property managers, you have to obtain a certificate or degree of property management. As the property management officers need to handle the deed of mutual covenant (DMC), financial expenditure, and complaints, thus legal, financial, and administrative knowledge is necessary for this job. There are related skill development courses organized by different institutes which cost from $21060 to 25800.


6. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Qualifications

Accounting does not only refer to auditing. Management accounting involves performance management, budget planning, human resources, finance and crisis management, which is far different from mere auditing. Obtaining CIMA qualifications can increase your finance knowledge, decision-making skills, communication strategy, business sense. These qualities are necessary for managing the company.

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CIMA is internationally-recognized since multinational cooperations and banks encouraged their employees to obtain CIMA. Some companies even include CIMA examination in the internship program. If you wish to obtain a CIMA qualification, you need to complete 15 examination papers and have working experience of more than 3 years. The CIMA course offered by the CUSCS lasts for 8 months, charging $1900.


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