More HelloToby New Services for Your All Round Needs

At HelloToby we’re constantly working to create a better service marketplace, and we’ve just launched over 50 new services mostly related to business field. Let’s check out what services you can provide as a Pro! (→Chinese Version)

Legal and Accounting Services: Being Professional

Every companies must encounter some legal and financial issues such as applying license, dealing with employee issues and all kinds of disputes, thus they need the help of professionals. If you are one of these Pros, join HelloToby and let the companies in need find you!

New services: Commercial Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Advisory Work, Mediation, Application for Food and Liquor licences, Company Tax Preparation


Marketing Services: Being Comprehensive

Any place with publicity is the battlefield of marketers. Doing marketing is not easy. They need to work from online to offline. To generate more business, marketers need to build a powerful network, engage in a chain of events, improve the online ranking as well as get more Facebook likes for your fan pages.  As a marketing pro like you, why not make the most of your talent.

New traditional marketing services: PR Public Relations Services, Printing Communications Marketing, Television Marketing, Radio Marketing, Shopping Activities Co-ordination

New Digital Marketing Services: SEM Search Engine Marketing, SEO Website Optimization, Yahoo Marketing, Content Marketing


Design Services: Being Artistic

Being a freelance designer can even earn better livings than working in a regular paid job. Struggling to find clients? Here’s how you build your business from nothing. HelloToby launched a lot of graphic and product design services. If you’re good at them, please don’t hesitate to show off your talent by building your profile and uploading your portfolio.

New services: Logo and Trademark Design, Business Card Design, Banner and Roll Up Banner Design, Flyers and Posters DesignT-shirt Design, Product Design, Game DesignPhotoshop Editing


Human Resource Services: Being Helpful

We all know Hong Kong people always work over-time. Here is a chance to save your time! HelloToby added different human resources services for outsourcing which can give you a helping hand with day to day responsibilities. Whether you’re waiting for jobs or looking for hire freelancers, let’s meet in HelloToby.

New services: Proofreading and Text Editing, Corporate Document Translation Services, Transcription Services, Typing and Word Processing, Business Research Services


And There Are More……

Concerning every people has their own problems, HelloToby also added Professional Investigation, Pet Hospice and Elderly Care services to meet customer’s personal needs in positive ways.


HelloToby will continue to launch new services on a regular basis in hope of covering all walks of life.  Please see the following full list of new services:


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