New HelloToby Services for Your All Round Needs (Updated on 24/4/2017)

One thing we spend a lot of time on at HelloToby is trying to launch more and more  services for all kinds of customers queries. In this week, we are pleased to announce new services to cover your household and learning needs. Want to provide the best on our site ? Check our new services now!

1)Academic Tutoring

HelloToby has provided a variety of specific courses and subjects.The difference of Academic tutors are covering more different teaching areas. This service can cater to different needs of particular students by providing from general tutorial to homework guidance to test prep.

New services: Academic Tutoring


2)Home Assistance

Hate household chores and want to hire someone else to do them for you? Home assistants in HelloToby can get everything done. Our home assistance program offers a wide ranges of services including home cleaning, child care, elderly care, cooking and etc.

New services: Home Assistance


3)Musical Instrument Maintenance

Professionals in musical instrument maintenance focus on a specific instrument or family of instruments. Some specialists also provide additional job duties like  tuning services ,repairing cracked wood or replacing component parts. Want to make your music instrument life longer? Come check out our professional technicians for all your repair and maintenance needs.

New services: Musical Instruments Maintenance, Piano MaintenanceViolin Maintenance


4)Practice Room Rental

Hong Kong always lack of space to practice your music. If your home cannot accommodate big instrument or doesn’t have any sound proof, you must be in trouble. How to find the right place you need ? HelloToby, of course. From music class enrollment to music instrument repair to practice room rental, we will keep your practice on track .

New services: Band Rehearsal Space RentalMusic Practice Room Rental


5)Chess Lesson

Chess activities have always been beneficial to our body and mind. A good game can train your  logical reasoning ability with patience. Eager to discover the pleasure of chess? Let’s take interactive chess lessons from chess masters and top coaches.

New services: Chess Lesson , Chinese Chess Lesson, Go Lesson


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