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Angel wong
Oct 25 2020
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Master Cai is very punctual, professional and responsible. In addition to helping me tune back an untuned piano for more than ten years, Zhong helped me clean the interior of the piano and taught me not to maintain the piano. The price of the master is reasonable and fair, and I will definitely recommend the master to my friends.

Joyce Cheng
Oct 11 2020
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My piano has not been tuned for 20 years, and there are obvious problems with the sound. Master Cai has rich experience and carried various equipment. It took about four hours to tune my piano and adjust the springs of some keys to make them recover. Normal elasticity. After tuning the piano, I played the piano again, the tone was bright, and the scale was accurate and satisfactory. I sincerely recommend everyone to find Master Cai, be careful and patient, and guarantee satisfaction!

Li Pui Yee
Sep 22 2020
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The service lasted for more than three hours. Although it took a long time, it was all due to the good details of the master. My piano hasn't been tuned for 2-3 years. In addition, I have moved the piano several times, the weather is humid and other factors, the sound problem and the expansion of the wooden keys are a bit serious. The master adjusts the service according to the room temperature, the condition of the piano, etc. Among them, there is a line for changing the joints of the hammer of the piano, and also carefully lubricates the tuning. The timbre of the piano is obviously a lot more beautiful after tuning, and the keyboard feels very good.

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