【 Pet Beauty Q & A】 7 Things to know about Pet Grooming

More and more pet owners in Hong Kong have become “slaves of cats and dogs”. They attend to their pets, cleaning up their cats and dogs through pet grooming Hong Kong . However, novice pet owners may not have sufficient knowledge of the daily beauty care of cats and dogs. HelloToby lists the most common 7 pet beauty issues here, in which we have invited pet groomer Fey to answer your questions one by one.

1.  Nervousness

Fey says that in the past, she has come across stressful and nervous cats and dogs during pet grooming sessions. There are a variety of reasons why some cats and dogs may be nervous – because of unfamiliar surroundings, scissors, the shaving sound, and the owner’s departure.

If the pet is timid, it is recommended that the owner ask the pet beauty salon staff to come and let the cat and dog groom in a familiar environment, with the owner able to comfort the pet by feeding them small snacks.

In addition, if the pet groomers come to perform the service at the owner’s home, the owner can be able to supervise and calm the cat/dog down in order to ensure the pet grooming services procedure goes smoothly.

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2. Shaving vs. Shearing

As the summer is very hot, the general impression that shaving can help dogs and cats handle the heat. However, the shaving may be counterproductive. Because pets fur enable protection from the sun as it has heat insulation, UV protection, isolation of allergens and so on, if you lose this protective layer, it is possible for cats and dogs to get sunburnt.

In contrast to shaving, shearing does not pose a health threat to the pets, but can cut down on excess fur to improve cats and dogs wellbeing during the spring and summer.

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3. Nail Cutting

The body structure of cats and dogs are different to that of the human body, particularly in the fact that cat/dog nails contain blood vessels. Therefore, the pet would bleed when its toenails are cut, while an accidental cut will result in a lasting injury to the pet.

In fact, identifying safe areas in cutting the toenails is difficult. Fey says that when cutting, always cut through the white areas, and do not cut through the slightly rosy areas.


4. Crowded Anus Gland

Fey explains that squeezing the anal glands is able to clean the area. If the dispenser is not properly handled, cats and dogs would be particularly prone to body odor, gland inflammation, grinding and even biting the tail and other acts.

The general owner may not know how to squeeze the anus gland, so in order to avoid getting into a mess, the best way to get the work done is in hiring a pet groomer.

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5. Ear Washing

Ear washing is important for the health of cats and dogs. Cats ears contain sebaceous glands, which secrete chemicals. If the secretions of polyethylene or lead accumulate and collect over long periods of time, it will cause otitis parasites. This can be avoided easily because the method of ear care for cats and dogs is very simple, requiring only regular grooming of ear hair and ear washing.

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6. Other Issues

Maintaining the oral health of cats and dogs can prevent pet bad breath, drooling, swollen gums and other issues. Dental care for dogs and cats is very simple as there is specialised toothpaste, cleaning teeth gel, gingivitis and other pet grooming tools in the market. Fey suggests to purchase natural bovine dog bones.

If the cat/dog has serious oral problems, the owner may wish to consider surgery. Surgery may involve anesthesia, but depending on the age of the pet with the physical condition, if you do not want anesthesia, find a good doctor as an alternative.

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7. Pet Grooming Cost Details

Statistically, the total price of pet grooming on the market ranges from $ 490 – $ 1,100 each time. In general, dog grooming costs more expensive than cats, and with larger sizes and different breeds, pet fees will be higher. If the pet has serious fur issues, an additional $ 50 – $ 200 may be required.


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