【 Nail Art 】 How can I become a professional manicurist?

In recent years, an explosion of nail art and manicure shook Hong Kong. With nail salons appearing like never before to rise to the demand of women wanting a nail makeover, even more are people who love nail art, hoping to turn the hobby into a career. However, the manicurist must have a considerable amount of knowledge and skills of nail art, and cannot simply rely on personal interest. HelloToby will give a breakdown of the road towards becoming professional manicurists, salaries, and other considerations.

1. Enroll in nail courses

To become a nail technician, you must enroll in basic nail beauty courses. Numerous organizations in Hong Kong have started nail courses such as Nail Art, Cosmetic and Beauty Schools, VTC, YMCA Youth Associations and FTU associations.


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2. Obtain a manicurist certificate for nail beauty

Although normal nail courses will give graduates a certificate of graduation, it is most practical to obtain professional recognition if nail artists wish to increase their competitiveness. For instance, prestigious institutions such as City & Guilds, TAFE Australia and ITEC in the United Kingdom are acclaimed internationally, and their certificates of qualifications are nationally recognized.

Therefore, in addition to taking into account factors such as tuition fees, teacher qualifications and curriculum content, it is not necessary to forget to obtain professional qualifications after completing the course. If a diploma or certificate is recognized, this opens many doors in a nail beauty career.

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3. Accumulate practical nail art experience

In addition to a professional manicurist recognition or certificate, manicurists must know how to communicate with the client in response to their needs to provide personalised nail design services. That is why some people will choose to do part-time jobs in manicure centre Hong Kong, beauty salon, or nail bar in order to accumulate a certain amount of work experience, enhancing their access to larger beauty institutions.

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What is the income of a manicurist?

In recent years, there have been many nail manicurists and nail salons in the market, and the competition has become fiercer. As a result, nail service charges have also been cheaper than before. At present, the average price of French nail (or French manicure) is $ 200 – $ 300. The fee for gel nail about $ 400 – $ 600. However, the price is actually greatly dependent on the nail artist’s experience and the complexity of the nail art designs.

As for the manicurist’s income, according to Salary Check information of CTgoodjobs, a local recruitment website, the average salary of a manicurist or nail tech is $ 10,000. If you have 2-3 years of work experience, your average salary is $ 15,000- $ 16,000. However, we must pay attention to the fact that some employers rely on basic salary + demolition commissions for food, so the revenue is relatively stable.


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