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Featured Academic Tutors

  1. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-星河教育中心
    80 Reviews
    星河教育(Allstar Education) No pay OK! 義教服務! 同時提供中小學及成人//小班,大班,1對1//各科補習! 星河教育分校: 九龍灣、太子、荃灣、葵芳、沙田(大圍)、元朗、屯門、炮台山 查詢熱線:288***99 Mon-Fri 1500-2100 Sat-Sun 1000-1800
  2. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-TutorDuck
    70 Reviews
    補習介紹📕只收導師首堂學費作為中介費 學生免費 🔺私補、導師加盟、小組補習可在本網站登記,亦可WhatsApp 554***24 留資料,等我們細心替你揀最適合都可以!😀
  3. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Chester Fung
    Chester Fung
    18 Reviews
    Literature passionate. Ielts results: 8.5. All students pass ielts with 6.5 or above over the past 4 years of teaching Over 10 years as a rugby athlete with numerous medals and awards. Skills and conditioning coach of the uni rugby team Diving ins...
  4. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Tutor Circle 尋補
    Tutor Circle 尋補
    9 Reviews
    Tutor Circle (尋補) 我地係一個補習平台專為家長同學生搵上門補習導師嫁!我地已經服務超過3000個學生及家長,導師好評數目接近1000個!1.實力保證 - 我地嘅精英導師主要來自三大,實力保證,高中科目90%配對導師為該科5*以上。 2.彈性課堂 - 時間、價錢、地點、科目、興趣由你們決定,彈性度極高,適合不同學生選擇。同時上門補習亦可。 3.好評如潮 -我地只為提供有質素的導師俾學生同家長,並認真服務每一位同學及家長,絕不收介紹費用。 有咩 你好! 我係 Tutor Cir...
  5. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Brandon
    6 Reviews
    I was born and raised in Sydney and have been a tutor ever since I have been in University. I am about to complete my bachelor degree and have consistently obtained high distinction for my Accounting subjects. I love students that love to learn!
  6. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Jason Man
    Jason Man
    6 Reviews
    Currently studying at the University of Hong Kong, bachelor of economics and finance.
  7. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-K Productions
    K Productions
    6 Reviews
    K Productions is an ambitious and energetic event management company in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to deliver quality event experiences and provide professional public speaking training programmes. F: MC Kevin Lee 專業司儀 W: Y...
  8. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Jumbo Tutor
    Jumbo Tutor
    6 Reviews
    資優補 私人導師上門教授 優質、專業、信心 理念: 資優補深信每一位孩子在適當的栽培下都能在其專長的範疇裡成為優秀、獨當一面的人才。 資優補鼓勵家長更多瞭解及發掘孩子的專長、鼓勵孩子培養自己的興趣,好使將來能在各自專長的領域裡有所貢獻。 資優補相信世界上最成功的人不一定是賺錢最多的人,而是在生活的各個層面,包括:人際關係、健康、個人興趣、工作、家庭,都能取得平衡的人。 資優補希望孩子在成長的過程中能有機會發掘自己的潛能之外,更加能夠健康快樂地成長。成為一個身、心、靈健全的人,將來能成為社會...
  9. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Luis
    6 Reviews
    I am currently a university undergraduate doing a double major of Law and Literature in HKU. Literature in English was one of my electives taken for HKDSE and I attained the highest level (5**) in English Language and 5* in Economics.
  10. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Hippomap
    6 Reviews
    Emily and Jonathan are a couple dedicated to education! Emily 和 Jonathan 是對教育很有熱誠的兩夫妻 Jonathan Ho: ---------- English lessons. Born in Hong Kong and grew up in Canada, I have a very different teaching style, I stress the importance of giving you i...
  11. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Amy Yuen
    Amy Yuen
    6 Reviews
    Provide tutorials in Mathematics and Science related subjects
  12. Academic Tutoring-Academic Tutors-Simon Leung
    Simon Leung
    4 Reviews
    Experienced private tutor. Tailor-made lesson for students. Equip students with clear understanding of subject matter. Graduated from CUHK. Hold Master degree and PGDE. May conduct lesson in English and Cantonese May teach individual or small clas...

Customer Reviews

Average Academic Tutoring Rating:
Based on 48 reviews
  • 銘峰
    5 months ago

    我覺得個導師好有heart,可以好好咁針對番我唔識既topic黎教,而且每堂都係教哂先走而唔係一夠鐘就走 好評👍🏻

  • Mr. Tsang
    5 months ago


  • Ivy
    2 months ago

    很好的老師 持續補習中

  • miss cheung
    4 months ago


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