【HelloToby Announcement】Install the newest version of HelloToy App now! Old version of HelloToby Pro App will be removed from App Store

Have you tried out the all new HelloToby App yet? It combines the features of both consumer and service pro sides, now you only need one app to do it all! Hurry up if you haven’t migrated to the new app!


1. To enhance your user experience as consumer and service pro, please install the new version of HelloToby App! By using only one app, you can submit service requests as a consumer, and can also receive service requests and make quotes as a service pro! More new features and services will be coming too!
Download and install now at iTune App Store or Android Play !
iOS:          Android:

2. On 30 October 2017, the old version HelloToby Pro App will be removed from App Store. You may still use the app, but further maintenance and support will not be provided. And all new features and services of HelloToby will not be available in the old HelloToby Pro App.

3. As a Service Pro, all you need to do is download and install the newest version of HelloToby App, and log in with you original Pro account, then you should be able to migrate your account info to the new app with ease.


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