【No Commission! No Monthly Fee!】HelloToby’s Latest Offer on All New “Listing Service”

All new HelloToby App 2.0 is released with a revolutionary “Listing Service”. As a HelloToby Pros you can design and custom make your service packages, and publicly list them on our platform reaching out more customers. After its release, more than 1,000 services have been listed and Pros are loving it! Now enjoy our new special offer to try “Listing Service” for free! (updated 1 August 2017)


All New Special Trial Offer

1. No Monthly Fee

First time “Listing Service” user can now build up to 10 service packages for free, without any monthly charge and no need to submit credit card info.

2. No Commission

All successful transactions made in “Listing Service” are now free of “Handling Fee”, meaning HelloToby won’t charge any commission!

(*Please note that online payment system Stripe still need to charge “3.65% + HK$2.35” for any transaction, actual fee subject to Stripe’s regulation. And for any fund transferred from Toby Wallet to your bank account, Stripe will charge HK$10 for each transfer, minimum transfer amount is HK$100.)

(This Special Trial Offer is effective until 31 August 2017, or until further notice.)



How to Update to HelloToby 2.0

1) HelloToby App 2.0 has combined the previous HelloToby App (for customers) and HelloToby for Pro App into one.

2) Simply update HelloToby App (for customers) then you get the 2.0 version.

3) HelloToby for Pro App cannot be updated to HelloToby 2.0 directly. Please download HelloToby App 2.0 from iTune App Store or Android Play and install again, or update from HelloToby App (for customers).

4) Please note that HelloToby for Pro App would be offline on 15 September 2017. All Service Pros please download and install HelloToby App 2.0 ASAP.


What is “Listing Service”?

“Listing Service” is an all new feature in HelloToby App 2.0. All services listed are provided by 15,000+ service Pros registered on HelloToby. Customers can order the services and make payment directly in app. We also collaborate with KOLs and celebrities to provide special experience in the format of Flash Sales.

As a HelloToby Pro, listing a service is easy. Simply using HelloToby App 2.0 to input your service details, e.g. service name, description, terms & conditions, etc. Then customers can browse and book your service in no time!

Besides “Listing Service”, HelloToby App 2.0 still retrain “Quoting service”. From now on Pros can reach out customers in more ways and gain more jobs!


How “Listing Service” works?

All “Listing Services” will be booked and paid through HelloToby App 2.0. After the service job is completed and confirmed by both customer and service Pro, payment would be transferred to Pro’s “Toby Wallet”. “Toby Wallet” is a secured payment system, and Pros can withdraw their balance into their registered bank accounts.


“Toby Wallet”s Advantage

“Toby Wallet” ensured all transactions are secured.

1. As an intermediary, “Toby Wallet” can guarantee the full transactions so that Pros can work smoothly without worrying the risk of default.

2. “Toby Wallet” works with the world’s leading payment system Stripe. Every transaction is encrypted by TSL security protocols.

3. Once the transaction is done, fund can be settled in Pro’s bank account with the flick of a finger, no need for paperwork nor collecting payment in person.


What is “Toby Credit”?

Toby Credit is the virtual currency in HelloToby. It has 2 major functions:

1) In “Quoting service”, Toby Credits are used by Pros to submit a quote for customers’ service request. The amounts required depends on the type of service.

2) In “Listing service”, Toby Credits are used by Pros to reply customer’s inquiries. Each customer replied takes 1 Toby Credit only.


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