3 Tips for Yoga Beginners

You figured you should do something about your stiff back from sitting at the office all day long. Yoga sounds like a pleasant way to go about it without having to leave the comfort of an air-conditioned room. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of the ancient practice. Here are 3 things new Yogis should be aware of before you start getting into your pose:

1. Consult your doctor to see if Yoga is right for you, especially if you have a history of musculature, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.

2. Do what you can. Don’t try to push through your pain while practicing.

3. Learn from a Pro. There are plenty of Yoga tutorial videos out there but it might not be the best idea for a beginner to practice on their own. A pose out of alignment could do more harm than good.

An experienced instructor could adjust the pace of the class based on your needs and conditions. Feeling inspired? Visit HelloToby to find your Yoga master today.


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