【Complete Guide】How to Be a Wedding Hairstyle & Makeup Artist

Doing makeup for the bride and groom for their pre wedding photos, wedding photos, or wedding ceremony are no small tasks. Are you interested in becoming a wedding hairstyle and makeup artist, but have no idea where to start? HelloToby is here to tell you what to consider as you kick-start your career in bridal hair styling and makeup.

1. Attend professional makeup classes

In the makeup industry, it takes an average of 1 to 2 years of professional training. In fact, there are many different makeup schools and courses specifically for wedding makeup for you to choose from. You can also consider courses organized by well-known and professional makeup artists in the industry.

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In the wedding hairstyle and makeup industry, there isn’t an official examination to prove a makeup artist’s qualifications. But you can take in-school exams if you happen to be learning at a makeup school.

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2. Build your makeup artist portfolio

Hairstyle and makeup artists often start off working with big companies and become a freelancer later on, setting up their own studios. In order to win the trust of clients,wedding makeup artists have to display a personal portfolio with their previous wedding hair and makeup work compiled.

Due to keen competition in the industry, artists have to showcase their unique makeup style so as to stand out from the others.

However, if you are an employee, your works might not be used freely due to copyright constraints.



3. Learn from beauty experts

Due to intense competition in the industry, hair and makeup artists have to keep learning, stay on-trend, and learn new hairstyles and makeup, so that they don’t fall behind in the market.


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4. Build your customer base of wedding services

In addition to acquiring makeup and hair styling skills, artists need marketing skills as well. Most clients would search online to find the artist who suits their needs bests. 

Therefore, artists have to make use of digital marketing to increase their exposure. To make an effective advertisement, we should figure out a proper advertising duration, platform, and our target audience.

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At the same time, many job opportunities are referred by the existing customers. As long as you treat your clients attentively and bring out the best in you, they will eventually recommend you to their friends. This is definitely the best publicity.

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