【 HelloToby x Eaton Club 】Wedding MC: Key to a Successful Wedding

Imagine having Ellen Degeneres as your event mc or wedding mc, how memorable would that be? With a minimum charge of $500,000 US dollars, the price to invite Ellen seems out of budget for most of us, but there are still people willing to pay, what are the reasons? 

1. Crisis management

At any event, there are always uncertainties such as people who have had one drink too many, disturbing the wedding ceremony. Obviously, these kinds of issues are just one of the challenges every event mc has to deal with, but they have a big chance of turning into a crisis if it is not dealt with as soon as possible. Amateurs may handle it without foresight. An experienced host and their crisis-management skills are invaluable to help to prevent embarrassing moments!
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2. Holding the stage

Whether an event mc can hold the stage or not matters! Jeremy Clarkson, despite being controversial about his conduct, his ability to hold the stage is certainly remarkable.  Clarkson even turned the bland  “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” to be enjoyable and eye-catching with his own character and sense of humor.  A special mc will definitely make your wedding memorable in every guest’s mind!

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3. Reduce the chance of making mistakes

The more you say, the bigger chance you get things wrong. A master of ceremony is responsible for managing the event’s schedule and atmosphere. It is not about how talkative an wedding mc is, but accuracy. Although sometimes mistakes may be unavoidable, it can be reduced. “See you again soon!”, now that’s a slip of the tongue you don’t want from an amateur. As the old saying goes, “One rotten apple spoils the barrel”, the sacred event in a grand wedding venue like Eaton Club should not be ruined by an amateur event mc!

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4. Expertise planning

“Plans are of little importance but planning is essential,” – Sir Winston Churchill. Plans are just documents whereas planning is the process of thinking, understanding and monitoring. Through planning, potential issues can be picked up. That’s why the expert planning from a great emcee is so important. 

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5. Knowledge

Undoubtedly, when you are organising an event, you do not want periods of silence. Dull moments usually gives a negative image to the audience, showing a lack of preparation. A top wedding emcee comes prepared, they have the ability to fill in the gaps by their wide range of experience and knowledge, catering for various types of guests. Is it a relaxed event where guests are open to more jokes and puns? Or is it a royal wedding calibre event, where each and every word has to be spoken with care and sophistication?

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