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Sunshine has over 20 years of corporate laundry service experience, including dry cleaning, laundry, wash and fold, carpet cleaning, and leather care and maintenance.
Sunshine has over 20 years of corporate laundry service experience, including dry cleaning, laundry, wash and fold, carpet cleaning, and leather care and maintenance.

Top-rated Hot Laundry Services

Regular Wash ‧ Speedy Clothes Pick-up
Regular Wash ‧ Speedy Clothes Pick-up
Sold 100,493 times

【Fragrance spray】Fragrant disinfectant effectively kills 100% fungus. The Sunshine Laundry Factory has over 10,000 washing machines and daily high-temperature disinfection washing machines to ensure that the clothes are wet and safe.

From $7/pound
Dry Cleaning ‧ Cool+Supple
Dry Cleaning ‧ Cool+Supple
Sold 90,843 times

From taking clothes, to sorting, to disinfecting in the middle section, then removing stains, ironing, and carrying out the second disinfection, clothes packaging, etc., all the service processes are always up to international standard.

From $7/Pound
Carpet Cleaning ‧ Transfer Furniture
Carpet Cleaning ‧ Transfer Furniture
Sold 1,208 times

Workers will help move the large furniture to take out the carpet, and then distinguish the carpet material, wipe the edge of the carpet by hand, before putting it into a large washing machine that washes the carpet.

From $54/Pound
Leather Renew ‧ Just like NEW
Leather Renew ‧ Just like NEW
Sold 1,072 times

【Branded handbag Savior】Accidentally stained my beloved handbag with stains when having a meal? Please feel free to hand over to the sunshine's leather caregiver who are well-trained in the United States.

From $484/Pic
Curtain Wash ‧ Kick OFF Dust
Curtain Wash ‧ Kick OFF Dust
Sold 3,258 times

Start hard breathing when you sleep? It may be curtains have not been cleaned for years, the dust is covered all over curtains, and the air that is blown in is smeared with a layer of turbid air that stimulate your breathing tube.

From $54/pound

Sunshine Laundry - Corporate Strength for 30 Years

Sunshine Laundry Factory Co. Ltd has over 25 years of professional experience in providing laudnry services.
Speedy Pickup
Professional Delivery
20K ft. Factory
Pre-wash Categorization
High-tech Washing Machine
Organic Cleaning Product
Well Packaging
Leather Renew
Deliver to your Place

How It Works

Book Online
Book Online
Fill out order details such as type of laundry service, item quantities and pick up/delivery times within 3 minutes.
Pick Up at your Door
Pick Up at your Door
Professional carrier will pick up your laundry items at your door as scheduled.
Clothing arrives at Sunshine Laundary Facilties for professional laundering and packaging.
Professional carrier will delivcer your items back to you as scheduled.
Quality Guarantees
20+ years Experience
Sunshine has over 25 years of professional experience in laundry and is the market leader in HK.
Insuranced Services
Sunshine Ltd has purchased insurance that holds the liability of the service up to five times the laundry cost.

Why Us?

The largest Home Services Reservation Platform in HK
Services Cover all 18 districts in HK

Transparent price, no hidden charges
Certified Professionals & Background Checked
Monday to Sunday Customer Support
Quality Guaranteed, Post Service Follow-up



Is the laundry service provided by HelloToby?

The laundry service is provided by Sunshine Laundry Factory Co., Ltd. Please contact Sunshine's Customer service at 9844 7774 if there is anything related to service quality. For general enquires, please contact HelloToby customer service at 3703 3250.

Do I need to pay a delivery fee or any other fees?

The charge already includes laundry, pick up and delivery fee. The staff from Sunshine will inform you to pay the extra if there is any different from your booking with the actual no.of clothes after picked up. Please note there is minimum $300 fee.

Can I cancel or change the booking?

Kindly note that $80  administrative fee will be charged if you cancel the booking before picked up. $150 will be charged if the clothes have been picked already. And no cancellation is allowed if clothes already sent to washing machine. For changing the booking, please contact Sunshine customer service at 9844 7774 for details.

More FAQ about Laundry service.

About Laundry Service in Hong Kong - Dry Cleaning, 24/7 Laundromat, Coin Laundry, Door to Door Laundry Service, Sunshine 24

Introducing Sunshine 24

Sunshine 24 is the first 24/7 laundry chain in Hong Kong that integrates self-serve laundry and "Choo Choo eBox" laundry drop-off service. The patened "Choo Choo eBox" is designed for busy individuals who go to work early and return home late. Customers can drop off their laundry bags and collect the washed and folded items at their convenience. Also, we also provide laundry pick-up and delivery service. Our self-service laundromat has over 60 branches across Hong Kong, and our team has over 20+ years of professional laundry experience, your laundry are in good hands with us!

1. How does the Laundry Delivery service work?

We aim to provide convenient, express and quality door to door laundry service with our Laundry Delivery service. For order placed before 11 am, our team will arrange laundry pick-up within the same day; for orders after 11 am, pick-up will be scheduled the next day. Professional carriers will be scheduled to delivery the cleaned laundry back to you as soon as the service is completed.

2. Where does the laundering take place?

Sunshine Laundry Ltd. owns a 20,000 sq. ft. commercial laundry factory and equipped with latest laundry facilities. The Company has integrated the Japanese automatic operation system and the "5-S®" management module to provide the best care for each piece of laundry item.

3. Types of Service:

Clothing (Jacket, Coat, Skirt, Pants, Sweater, Cardigan and more); Leather Handbag Care; Household Item Cleaning (Curtain, Carpet)

4. What are the prices for laundry delivery service?

There are three types of door to door delivery service: by weight for clothing, by the type of clothing and item quantity, or by dry cleaning service charge. For regular laundry by weight, service prices typically ranges from $49 to $60 (for starting 1-7 pounds), and around $7-10 per extra pound.

For clothing or material that requires special care including leather or handbag grooming: $480 to $550 per item. Carpet cleaning prices depend on material and the size; curtains, seat covers. Blankets and other household laundry is also charged by weight, usually around $54 to $64 per pound.

Dry cleaning service charges by clothing item and quantity, typical items includes suit jackets, blazers, dresses, pants/skirt/trousers, dress shirt/t-shirt.

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