4 Simple Study Hacks for your Kids besides Tutoring

Shout out to all the tiger mums and dads out there. Exams are coming up – how do you best priorities your child’s time across play and study? Here are four simple study hacks to share with your children to maximize their learning efficiency. May be you can use it to your benefit too!

  • Mornings are for memorizing. When your brain is well rested, it is most receptive to learning new information.
  • 8 to 10 am is best for problem solving. This is period where your brain is performing at its optimum. Save this spurt for tackling the most difficult tasks.
  • 6 to 8 pm is best for sorting your notes. The simple action of sorting one’s notes enhances recall.
  • Review your notes an hour before you sleep to really let the information and ideas to set in.

All of the above require tremendous self discipline. If they need a nudge, why not hire a professional tutor on HelloToby.com to set them off on the right track?

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