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                      Actual Home Cleaning Requests

                      See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                      • “Recurring home cleaning service”

                        Mr Yeung

                        Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

                        What kind of home cleaning service are you looking for?Recurring
                        What is the square footage of your home?501 - 800 sq. ft.
                        Anything need supplier to know?Small Dog in House, very friendly
                      • “Quality home cleaning service”


                        Kowloon-Kowloon City

                        What kind of home cleaning service are you looking for?Recurring
                        What time should the cleaner come to your home?12:00 - 15:00
                        Anything need supplier to know?Should stay quite and be on time.
                      • “Spring home cleaning”

                        Toby Cheung

                        Hong Kong-Pok Fu Lam

                        What kind of home cleaning service are you looking for?Spring Cleaning
                        Which days of the week are best for home cleaning?Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                        Will you be able to provide home cleaning supplies?No, the cleaner should bring cleaning supplies

                      Customer Reviews

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                      Based on 399 reviews
                      • Ann Chan
                        July 17, 2018

                        Susan is professional and amazingly helpful. She goes out of her way to help solve my problems. Her work is impeccable and thorough.

                      • John Ching
                        July 15, 2018


                      • 蔡生
                        July 3, 2018

                      • 郭育綺
                        July 3, 2018

                      • 周太
                        June 26, 2018


                      • Yavnika
                        June 26, 2018

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                      About Home Cleaning - Home Cleaning Service / House Cleaning

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                      The cleaning experts on HelloToby normally charge an hourly rate. The price for a one-off cleaning service is between HKD$90-130 per hour, while a recurring cleaning service costs HKD$80-120. The most important factor determining the price is the cleaning frequency: the more frequently you need the cleaning service, the less you have to pay per hour. Most customers on our platform hire a cleaning assistant two to three times a week and the cost is estimated to be around HKD90/hour. If you are looking for daily cleaning services, the price can be as low as HKD$80 per hour. Please remember to tell the cleaning experts whether you can provide cleaning supplies, as they normally charge an extra HK$100 if they need to bring their own ones.

                      The cleaning professionals on our platform also offer the following services: vacant house cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning and spring clean. The prices are normally HKD 120-130 per hour.

                      What are the cleaning services that can be provided by the home cleaner and the cleaning company?

                      Besides cleaning the home generally, they can also provide services such as cleaning new homes, cleaning empty homes, and cleaning furniture. If you want to employ the cleaning company, they can even provide a wider and more professional range of cleaning services, such as deep cleansing and anti-mite cleansing.

                      How to choose between cleaner and cleaning company? How to choose the suitable home cleaning services.

                      The fees for home cleaning will be charged on hourly basis. For trivial home cleaning, the fees for employing a part time cleaner will be similar to the fees for employing a cleaning company. The geographical factors will affect the willingness of the maid to work as well as the cleaning fees, such as employing a part time maid who live in Yuen Long to work in Tuen Mun will charge a higher price. Relatively, the cleaning company can send one or more workers to different places to work for large cleaning services. Yet, employing the acquainted cleaning helper will give you a sense of security.

                      Do I have to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance for the part time helper?

                      According to Section 40 of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, all employers (including contractors and sub-contractors) are required to take out insurance policies to cover their liabilities both under the Ordinance and at common law for injuries at work in respect of all their employees, irrespective of the length of employment contract or working hours, full-time or part-time, permanent job or temporary employment. An employer who fails to comply with the Ordinance to secure an insurance cover commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

                      What kind of preparations should be done before the cleaning?

                      First, the homeowner should separate clutters, dirty clothes, rubbish, etc. to different space so as to let the cleaning assistant knows how to deal with different stuff separately. Secondly, to avoid any possible thefts, all valuable stuff and jewelry should be locked at the place in which cannot be assessed by the housemaids. Third, important documents should never be placed with others papers. Fourth, all pets and plants should be placed properly for the convenience of the part time domestic or foreign helpers. Fifth, you should firmly state the areas for cleaning and the restricted area. Sixth, you should check the cleaner brought by the maids to avoid allergy.

                      Average cost for hiring a Home Cleaner
                      Average 110 /hour in Hong Kong
                      Average$ 110MinimumMaximum$ 90$ 130

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