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  • Billboard Advertising Production1. Please choose the service district: Yau Tsim Mong District. 2. 你想要製作甚麼類型的招牌廣告?(可多選) 亞加力招牌, 金屬招牌, 霓虹招牌, LED招牌, 帆布招牌, 背光招牌. 3. 你需要哪些招牌相關的服務?(可多選) 招牌設計, 招牌製作, 安裝招牌, 拆除舊招牌. 4. 你想要製作的招牌尺寸是? 未知尺寸,需要專家度尺. .
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  • Package Design1. 你想為甚麼類型的產品包裝進行設計? 保健產品. 2. 你希望設計偏向甚麼風格? 簡潔. 3. 你希望專家何時完成設計? 1個月. 4. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. . Friends
    JordanVia internet or phonetag
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  • Illustration Design1. What industry is your company? Others (Please Specify). 2. Please describe the products/service of your company. We will launch a Move-to-earn app dog simulation game with a dog meet-up platform. We are looking a designer to design a cute doggie character.. 3. What kind of scenarios are the illustration desgin for? App, social media and more. 4. Please describe how you wish the illustration to be designed (e.g. style). Cute. 5. When do you need the illustration design to be done? Very urge...
    Mong KokVia internet or phonetag
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  • Business Cards Design1. What industry is your company? Innovation Technology. 2. 你需要甚麼風格? 簡約. 3. When do you need the business card design to be done? Within 1 month. 4. 你需要專家提供印刷服務? 需要. 5. Where do you need the service? I can visit the Pro's office. 6. When do you want the service? I’m flexible. 7. Please provide service date 2022-08-20. 8. Anything else you need the Pro to know? 公司網站 https://waisway.com/ . .
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