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  • General Litigation1. What is the civil litigation case about? Others (Please specify). 2. Would you consider mediation? Yes if some conditions are satisfied. 3. Please briefly tell the Professional what your case is about. 遇到刷單詐騙, 9月28日及9月29日共被騙187800元. 9月29日晚上於警局報案. 4. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. . 10月5日開始新工作,無辦法請假
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  • 寵物移民1. Please choose the service district: Yuen Long District. 2. What are the countries that you intend to migrate to? United Kingdom. 3. What is your intended migration date? Within 6 months (ASAP). 4. 請問你的寵物類型為: 貓. 5. 請問想申請移民的寵物年齡為: 10 - 12歲. 6. 請問想申請移民的寵物有情緒問題/長期病患嗎? 沒有. 7. 希望採用什麼形式運送寵物? 寄艙. 8. Where do you need the service? I can visit the Pro's office. 9. When do you want the service? On one particular date. 10. Please provide service date 3:00pm - 5:00pm. 11. Preferred Languages? Cantones...
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  • Civil Celebrant1. What is the situation you are facing regarding this service? Civil celebrant . 2. Any special request about this service want to point out? Availability and can conduct it in English. 3. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. .
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