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  • Immigration1. What are the countries that you intend to migrate to? Singapore. 2. Which type of migration method you intend to use? Investment migration. 3. What industry you are working in? 金融. 4. What is your job title? 管理. 5. What is your intended migration date? Within 1 year. 6. What is your purpose of migration? Long term migration, Invest in oversea property. 7. How much capital you are intending to invest for migration? HK$10,000,000 or above. 8. Have you taken an IELTS test before? No, I did no...
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  • Application for Food and Liquor licences1. Which certificates and licenses are you applying for? General Restaurant Licence. 2. Please describe your restaurant type 火鍋店. 3. Please tell us your net floor area (sq. ft) of your restaurant/place 2900呎. 4. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. .
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