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  • 針灸治療1. 接受針灸治療的病患年齡幾大? 26-44歲. 2. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. . 沒有
    FanlingAt Pro's locationtag
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  • Physiotherapy Service1. What kind of physiotherapy do you need? Care of Sports injury. 2. What methods of physiotherapy do you prefer? Exercise therapy, Manual therapy, Acupuncture, As recommended by Pro. 3. How old are the physiotherapy receiver? 41 - 50 years old. 4. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. .
    Travel to customerAt Pro's location
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  • 中醫1. What is your gender? Female. 2. How old are you? More than 55 years old . 3. Which part of your body not feeling well? Others (Please Specify):. 4. Which type of service you want to apply for? Others (Please Specify):. 5. Do you have any mediacal history? Yes (Please specify):. 6. Are you taking your medication prescribedly and instructedly? (E.g: Oral Antidiabetic Drugs) Yes (Please specify):. 7. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. . 不停生痱滋,如何解決
    Tai WaiAt Pro's location
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  • Music Therapy Lesson1. 接受音樂治療的人的年齡是? 5歲或以下. 2. 你希望以什麼模式進行治療? 一對一. 3. Where do you need the service? I can visit the Pro's office. .
    Sheung ShuiTravel to customer
    Expires after about 2 months17 pros notified
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