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  • Translation Company1. 請選擇你需要獲得服務的地區: 西貢區. 2. 你需要甚麼語言的翻譯服務?(包括原文及譯文) 中文, 英文. 3. 所需翻譯的文件長度有? 1501-3000字. 4. 翻譯文件有否牽涉到專業領域? 有,有關法律和合約. 5. Where do you need the service? Online or via phone, I can visit the Pro's office. 6. When do you want the service? I’m flexible. .
    Sai KungVia internet or phoneAt Pro's locationtagtag
    Expires after about 18 hours35 pros notified
  • Japanese Translation1. What language is your text written in? Traditional Chinese. 2. Which language do you want to translate to? Japanese. 3. What kind of file needs to be translated? Website content. 4. How many words are in your text? 624. 5. Does your translation work require any professional industry knowledge? Yes (Please Specify). 6. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? No. .
    Sheung WanVia internet or phonetag
    Expires after about 14 hours143 pros notified
  • Resume Editing1. Where are you at in your career? Entry-level. 2. Which particular industry is your resume for? Others (please specify). 3. Which language do you want to write the resume in? English. 4. What is your highest education level? Diploma Yi Jin / DVE. 5. What is your current status of employment? Unemployed. 6. Does your phone number support Whatsapp? Yes. . 如何編寫CV, 因為我己經有两年冇去揾工作, 呢個時間我係做代購生意, 呢两個如果直接寫代購會麻煩少少, 我又响網上找不到相似的CV, 之前係做會計, 行政, 文員 , 請指教
    Tuen MunVia internet or phone
    Expires after about 10 hours204 pros notified
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