Meet the Pros on HelloToby

Meet some of the Pros on HelloToby. They are all standing by to give you their best services, and you will be surprised by what they can do!

Flower Power

Vanessa, Florist

I’ve been in floristry for 12 years. I started as a young apprentice and worked my way up to become a professional florist. Opening my own store 6 years ago was a new chapter. I treasure every opportunity to interact with my customers. I have never been a fan of mass-produced floral arrangements available online. It seems impersonal to me. Creating a unique floral arrangement that brings a smile to someone’s face propels and inspires me.

I expanded to a second location this year. The new store is in a quieter neighborhood and I have to be more proactive about finding new customers. Toby is an amazing platform. Not only am I able to meet new customers, it also helps me streamline my business. My customers can reach out to me directly through Toby Chat to describe what they have in mind. I can also let them know what flowers I have in stock or are in season.

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Angel of Happiness

Kathy, Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Picking the gown, confirming the guest list, decorating the venue…the never-ending to-do lists scare most couples. This is where I come in. Couples can enjoy their Big Day and leave the rest to me.

My job as a wedding planner is extremely gratifying, but not without its challenges. Hong Kong couples tend to pick wedding dates based on seasonal weather and “lucky days.” My business fluctuates a lot between peak and off seasons. With the help of Toby, we are able to fill the slots during quieter months and stay afloat. Categorized customer requests make it so much easier for us to coordinate the perfect day tailored to the couple’s needs.

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Opening the aperture

Jacky, Professional Photographer

I’ve had a camera in my hands for as long as I could remember. From the disposable film camera when I was a teen, to the DSLRs I use in photo shoots these days. Product photography kickstarted my career as a professional photographer and I’ve been doing that for 6 years. While my income is relatively steady, there isn’t a lot of room for artistic expression. My interest lies with portrait photography.

A friend in the industry introduced me to the online platform Toby. I started doing portrait photography gigs on the side. It’s the first time my profession and my interests intersect. I’ve been enjoying the new challenges. Diverse jobs have honed my skills and connected me with new clients. I can’t wait to see what opportunities lie ahead.

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