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May Leung
Jul 08 2023
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Very professional, reliable, fast and punctual This time, the canal helped my housing company to test the water seepage of the external wall. From understanding the case, quoting, conducting engineering/testing, and issuing a report, professional advice was provided and followed up throughout the process, and finally pointed out for us The location of the problem, and finally provide correction services for the problem location. They are very considerate and will try their best to meet our needs. All the questions they ask will be answered immediately. All the suggestions and quotations are reasonable. It is really worth recommending!

Nada Yu
Jun 11 2023
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I am so thankful for finding David to be my master of ceremonies. From the preparation of the wedding to the day of the big day, I have given a lot of professional advice to me. The service attitude is very good, there is no silence, punctual, and it is worth recommending👍🏻

Mabel Lam
Jun 01 2023
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Professional, careful, polite, try to meet the needs of customers, put forward professional advice to achieve the best results, awesome!

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