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  • L.Constance Photography
    Silver Tier
    (2 Reviews)
    📷L.Constance Photography 提供專業及貼心的攝影服務,以獨突的攝影風格和創意捕捉每個最自然最保貴的回憶,紀錄當下的一切,讓大家將來重溫當日的感動,能夠回味永遠絕版的時刻。 L.Constance Photography using natural light and unique style to capture the best and natural moments of life.Leaving precious memories for our guests...
  • Skyguy Video
    He has produced microfilms, promotional videos, MVs, and event clips for the Irish Consulate, SWATCH Group, Student Union, and School Association. He has three years of filming/cutting experience. He has served as a director, photographer, producer, and filmmaker. He is the top ten film university in the United States. Loyola Marymount University Admission. Can take / form any form of fragment Website: Photography IG:
  • Da Things Production
    (3 Reviews)
    Our fields of work are mostly in Branding and Marketing Consultation, which includes; brand building, website design, facebook/ instagram post marketing plan, advertising, videography and photography, and event planning.
  • dream web design
    I initially realized that operating a design company should not only know how to write a web page, but also understand trademarks and graphic design, and even meet special functional requirements, but also know how to program. Therefore, several of our university graduates have set up this company together, each with various skills and complementary lengths. In the twinkling of an eye, it is seventeen years. In these seventeen years, we are constantly learning from solving problems. From no tacit understanding, we have become cooperative, and we have become incompetent. The company has become a small and medium-sized enterprise with more than ten people. With such a result, we will go all out, no matter what difficulties we encounter, and we will not spend time thinking about how to push our guests. Because Shenming can only make progress by constantly trying, and gaining more customers' approval, the business can grow bigger and bigger. And we are at the same time...
  • isMedia
    We have been working in fashion, advertising, studio and media to hone our unique style. Use creative lighting and angles to create beautiful, beautiful, sexy and mysterious artwork. Customers can go to the following website to view our past works, and welcome to leave a message to contact us.
  • VasteStudio
    VASTES TUDIO is a company specialized in graphic, exhibition and interior design. Mainly use logo design, poster design, packaging design, picture book design, brand remodeling and other graphic design and exhibition booth design, and provide professional fashion interior design ideas, and high-quality decoration engineering and management.
  • Augustus Chan
    Video Editing, Color Grading, Photoshop, Photos Editing Hong Kong Baptist University - Academy of Film.
  • Our Services
    (2 Reviews)
    Chief photographer Dean Luk graduated from the Art Photography Department of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia and has many years of photography experience. He has worked for Hong Kong TVB and Chow Tai Fook and other major institutions.
  • Chiuman
    View my works on the following website
  • Jason
    On Graphic, I have 9 years of experience. Hope I can provide a service with happiness for you.
  • Jessie Chan
    I majored in Communication Design at the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Studio life in campus was one of the best thing I have experienced and I have learnt a lot throughout the 4-years-study. I also had chance to study in The...
  • I have several years of graphic design experience, providing Facebook ads, Google Banner, flyer designs for clients.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 153 reviews
    Lucia Tait Tolani
    May 28 2024

    bobby is a great photographer. he takes direction well and is proficient in lighting. he returns work on time. he is helpful with any related jobs and easy to work with. he has good communication and is reliable. i highly recommend him.

    Apr 26 2024

    professional and great work

    Nanumaya Rana Thapa
    Mar 05 2024

    I liked it all perfect as much I wish

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