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  • 東亞搬屋有限公司
    Supreme Service
    Gold Tier
    (34 Reviews)
    East Asia Moving Co., Ltd. has been operating in Hong Kong for 15 years, from one minivan at the beginning to thirteen, and has accumulated a lot of experience in moving houses. Each team of the company has a team leader to lead a group of subordinates. Our company can handle up to 16 to 20 orders per day, and each vehicle can handle two orders per day, morning and afternoon. The morning session starts at 9:00, and the afternoon session is about 12:00 - 3:00 PM Initially, the typical moving time required is four hours. There are many customers who ask us to move again after moving. Most of the clips and photos on the website are supervised and produced by myself, which is definitely a work of hard work. In addition to the door-to-door valuation, it also introduces and guides the common sense or details required for transportation on the spot.
  • 水道屋
    Supreme Service
    (114 Reviews)
    "Waterway House" is the only Japanese-funded water maintenance company in Hong Kong! Our service scope: professional drainage services, plumbing and water works, waterproof and leak-proof works, air conditioner cleaning and other services. Corresponding to the needs of the project, Waterway House will dispatch corresponding experienced masters, and customers can definitely hire them with peace of mind! Each master has undergone Japanese-style training, Japanese-style management, and peace of mind! Serious, meticulous and courteous, technically refined. Waterway House also uses advanced Japanese tools to help complete maintenance works efficiently! Large-scale projects have correspondingly high third-party liability insurance, and the Waterway House will be responsible for anything related to the project.
  • 何俊傑
    (9 Reviews)
    I, Junjie Ho, have been working in home decoration and maintenance for many years. He has rich experience and a sense of responsibility. The price is reasonable.
  • Philo Liu
    (6 Reviews)
    We are a responsible and punctual interior design company. With many years of design experience and more than ten years of engineering experience, we can provide you with one-stop decoration and design services. Degree feet, quotation, drawing. Renovation works, custom furniture.
  • 生命樹設計工程有限公司
    (5 Reviews)
    The company has many years of experience. The store is located in Fubao Garden, Ma On Shan. The main customers are mostly in Shatin and Ma On Shan, including HOS housing estates and private housing estates. We sincerely provide customers with professional interior design and engineering construction services, construction and design. Various large and small projects include residences, shops, office buildings, schools and institutions, etc. With professional design and construction masters, each project can be delivered on time and with fine workmanship, which is deeply appreciated by customers! Design: All computer plans and 3D color renderings are available, the effect is clear at a glance Construction: planned and supervised by professional management personnel to ensure high quality and on-time delivery
  • 龍記工程公司
    (4 Reviews)
    Thank you for your interest in our company. My surname is Chen. Our company currently provides installation and repair services for homes, businesses, factories, schools, government departments, street shops, shopping malls and other places. Our employees have many years of experience and are available 365 days a year, 365 days a year, ready to provide you with quality service.
  • 灝升設計工程有限公司
    (19 Reviews)
    The company contracted interior design, furniture production, 3D drawing, color matching, so that guests can feel the effect after completion. One-stop service for hydropower projects, decoration projects, and progress monitoring and follow-up by designers. There are also valet services. Relocation service, or relocation of furniture and temporary storage for customers during the renovation period, freeing customers from worrying about renovation.
  • Chris Ng
    (3 Reviews)
    "Inch. Design" is a team composed of several young designers, using different design elements. Style, create an "ideal home" for you from the perspective of young people.
  • Botanic Ark
    (3 Reviews)
    Botanic Art has undertaken various sizes, offices, homes, clinics, house inspections, environmental protection and greening projects. From design to engineering and maintenance, there are professional teams to follow up. Taking service as the first, we will personally answer and follow up your decoration needs.
  • 譽高發展
    (1 Reviews)
    Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. focuses on central air-conditioning, interior design, project supervision and construction one-stop service project operators, serving the industrial and commercial customers in China, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as the residential customer market. Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong, and wholly-owned by Yugao Development Engineering Co., Ltd. in Macau and Shenzhen Qianhai Yugao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in China. Innovations that are helpful to engineering cost control, construction progress and quality, improvement, optimization or intelligent humanized control are the goals of Yugao's development and integration. Yugao Engineering Department realizes 24-hour preparation, more than 40 engineering and technical personnel, directly employs full-time personnel, does not judge projects, effectively controls costs, and uses engineering efficiency, quality and...
  • 5.0
    (1 Reviews)
    Business philosophy Innovation, confidence, quality, responsibility, diligence, the business philosophy, starting with "integrity", the business philosophy upholds the pursuit of "quality", "efficiency", "innovation", "customer first"
  • 張嘉寶
    (1 Reviews)
    Kapo professional interior decoration service
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    Nanumaya Rana Thapa
    Mar 05 2024

    I liked it all perfect as much I wish

    Mar 04 2024
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    Friendly, will help you save some money, professional and reliable

    Aug 25 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The quotation is explained in detail, the price is reasonable and the delivery is on time

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