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  • Replace existing shower head
  • Install a new shower head
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Bean Bean
Feb 17 2024
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The master was very attentive in explaining the situation and providing solutions. I had many questions, and he patiently answered them all. He was also willing to help with the filming and explained to the owner in the film that he was the owner's own decorator. During the renovation, an old iron manure pipe was not replaced, so the pipe was blocked because the owner had previously hired a decorator to pass it. However, it was not enough for one month and it was blocked again, so this time it was proved that it was a problem left over from the renovation.

Kitty Chan
Oct 31 2023
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Very professional and fast! Highly recommended👍🏼👍🏼

Oct 14 2023
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Replacing the faucet and shower head is quick and easy, and the price is reasonable! Highly recommended!

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