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Jun 07 2022
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Very good and professional service, patient and fast delivery.

Au Sin Yu
May 16 2021
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Silvia is so nice!! It really depends on my personal aura and personality to teach me how to order shirts. I should buy side-type rocks, side-type rocks, even if I go to buy shirts myself later, I know how to buy them! The most important thing is that I usually don’t like shopping for shirts on the street, but after walking with Silvia, I finally found out that I should order samples and try on shirts with shirts🤣🤣 Much fun After you have finished lining it carefully, you will be more careful than returning to me, so as to accurately point out the position of the edges, you should pay attention to the same lining method 🥳

Sherry Xueqi Li
Nov 03 2019

I love her! Professional and the best service

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