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Toby Cost Guide

Fixed price

HK$ 500Average reported costs

Most people spend between

HK$ 250HK$ 680

Toby reports that the average cost to hire a hair stylist in Hong Kong is HK$ 500per project and most pay between HK$250 and HK$680 per hour.

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  • Let Toby find you the best hair stylist to give you an awesome new look
  • Looking for an affordable hairdresser in Hong Kong? Forget phoning hundreds of tradespeople to get a quote that's satisfactory for you. With HelloToby, you can access all the hairdressers you need in one location. Using our directory service, you'll be linked with professionals who will be able to get the job done in style.
  • Whether you're looking for a general haircut or need a special look for an event
  • Get a female or male haircut that frames your face and makes you look put together. Our talented team of hairdressers will be able to give you exactly the style you crave. Not only this, but they will be able to provide extra services, including blow wave, colouring, foils and more – you'll be able to get the exact look you want.
  • How to find the haircut for you
  • It's easy to find one. Simply input your details, any information about the event you're attending.
  • We also provide the service for you to connect with hairdressers in your local area.
  • After a kid haircut? We also offer this; simply choose the option for ‘below 13 years old' and you'll be shown all the professionals who specialise in children's hairdressing. When you contact them, they'll give you more information about their kids prices, so you'll be kept informed along every step of the way.

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